Eco-Friendly Packaging - Our rings are packaged in an eco-friendly brown paper bag and then couriered to you in a Home and Commercially Compostable bag that breaks down naturally over time. These bags are sourced from a New Zealand owned and operated business.

Crushing goals at CrossFit Nationals NZ

We've got some friends competing in the CrossFit Nationals in Cambridge, NZ next month and we couldn't be more excited for them.

There has been so much sweat, blood and tears with their training and we're hoping we can sneak away from our booth to cheer them on.

For those who are curious about Libiti Silicone Rings and how they feel on your own fingers, you'll have a chance to try them on for size, including getting a sneak preview of our new designs (launched exclusively for the CrossFit Nationals). In the interim, feel free to check out a couple of our self-help pages:

More details will be posted the meantime, keep crushing those WODs and PBs.

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