Eco-Friendly Packaging - Our rings are packaged in an eco-friendly brown paper bag and then couriered to you in a Home and Commercially Compostable bag that breaks down naturally over time. These bags are sourced from a New Zealand owned and operated business.


“I purchased a Libiti ring for my husband for Christmas as he is a builder and it was unsafe him to wear his metal wedding band (in case it got caught). Well, turns out it was much safer wearing his Libiti ring while water skiing too! His hand got caught in the handle of the ski rope and ripped the ring from his finger. If it weren’t for the silicone ring he was wearing (rather than his metal one), he would’ve broken his finger! So grateful that our Libiti ring not only looks great, but performs to the high safety standard that it was intended for. I would highly recommend Libiti rings for active people or those working in trades.”
Hayley C. (Auckland)




"Hubby works outdoors and doesn’t wear his wedding ring whilst working for safety reasons. He heard about your company and said he wanted to get a Libiti ring to wear in its place.  We ordered it on Wednesday night and it arrived Friday morning. Hubby is stoked. The ring fits great, stays put and looks great. Your service was quick and efficient. Thanks very much!"

Dorothy P. (Auckland)


 “The team at Libiti Rings were outstanding. They were so accommodating and went the extra mile to deliver me the ring I wanted. I had ordered the wrong size and the team offered me several sizes to try all shipped to my address so I saved on shipping. I received consistent and prompt correspondence throughout the entire process. This service is so personalised and extremely friendly. I bought my ring for the work I do and I’m loving it. 10 out of 10!!!”     

                                                                                                    Eli M. (Auckland)



"Yay my ring arrived and I just wanted to say thank you - I love it! It’s so comfortable, and looks SO good! Very stoked with it. Now B and I both have one…actually we were out hunting yesterday and he slipped and caught his hand on a rock which was what broke his last ceramic ring (electrician)…but no damage this time around. Good stuff!"

Holly P. (Dunedin)